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    The best quality wood & very professional brothers. Believe me when I say you will not be disappointed in your delivery of the QUALITY wood. Cut & split in manageable length & size, delivered when promised and very helpful on their website
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    Received my firewood on schedule and it burned great! This is the best firewood near me, all of the logs were actual manageable pieces and perfect size for firewood. I've never tried kiln dried firewood before, but after trying it I will definitely be ordering more
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    Best Burn Firewood delivers a great product with amazing customer service ! I ordered a face cord at 11am
    And it was delivered and stacked by 1pm the same day. It's great to work with
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    I have finally found a firewood supplier with an awesome quality product. I purchased a cord and all the wood was clean (no mud and dirt all over the wood like you get from other suppliers in the Waukesha area) I will be back next year for more. Great job Best Burn A +++++
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    This is honestly the cleanest, longest burning wood we have ever had, and it doesn't take a lot of it to create fabulous heat. Our wood burning stove is in our living room adjacent to our dining room, and with previous wood, we had a lot of
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    This is the best firewood near me. They offered fast delivery, quality wood and nice sized pieces. Friendly and helpful. Would order again!
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Hickory firewood stands out as a top-tier choice for burning enthusiasts, surpassing even oak, maple, and other hardwood favorites in terms of heat intensity. Its exceptional heat output makes it a culinary favorite, often chosen for cooking due to the high temperatures it generates.

Renowned for imparting a distinctive smoke flavor, hickory shines in the realm of smoking and BBQs, especially in the Southern barbecue tradition. Its robust flavor makes it a sought-after wood for smoking pork shoulders and ribs, establishing hickory as the go-to for cooking. It holds the title of our best-selling wood to restaurants in the Chicago area, recommended for those seeking professional-grade results in their culinary endeavors.

Experience the superior performance of hickory firewood, boasting an impressive 29-30 million BTUs per cord. Choose the choice of the pros for your cooking adventures.

Product Information
Reasons To Buy

When it comes to selecting the finest woods for our customers, hickory firewood was a non-negotiable inclusion. Growing up with firewood as our family's primary heat source instilled in us the significance of a diverse range of woods. We strive to ensure that you receive the most cost-effective and sustainable warmth for your home, a source of immense pride for our company. With over two decades of personal experience in wood procurement, we possess a keen understanding of the market, allowing us to source the best available.

When people inquire about finding hickory firewood near them, the answer is simple: Best Burn Firewood. In the realm of hickory firewood for sale, we stand as the go-to choice. Renowned for its exceptional warmth and radiant heat, hickory firewood leads the pack. With various varieties, including shagbark, pignut, bitternut, shellbark, and mocker nut, you'll have a plethora of options to keep your home warm and cozy.

Hickory firewood not only boasts high BTU ratings, making it one of the hottest-burning options, but it's also a preferred choice for many top-quality restaurants and BBQs for cooking and smoking meat. We provide direct firewood delivery to Chicago restaurants, and our kiln-dried hickory firewood is a favorite among them. Whether you're a backyard barbecue or own a commercial smoker, choose what the professionals use—hickory firewood, the logical and outstanding choice for enhancing the flavor of your culinary creations.

Species Contains:
Special use case:
Cooking (Hickory)
White (brown inside core)
Northern Wisconsin
1/2 Face Cord 500lbs.
Face Cord 1000lbs.
Half Cord 1500lbs.
Full Cord 3000lbs.
Moisture Content:
Split Pieces Diameter:
Varies from 1x1" 2x2", 3x3"
Split Pieces Length:
WDATCP Certified:
Yes (request certification with delivery)


This treatment of locally sourced firewood significantly reduces its moisture content to a mere 15%. This transformative process guarantees that your firewood is consistently dry, primed for ignition, and ready to provide efficient warmth.

Safe, Clean Burning

The kiln-drying process results in wood with reduced creosote chemicals. This translates to a chimney free from clogs or damage, and smoke that's more environmentally friendly compared to other wood types.

The Best Burn Firewood Guarantee

USDA & WDATCP Certified - Our kiln-dried firewood holds USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) certification, reflecting compliance with federal regulations. The continual monitoring of our kiln drying process is conducted through routine check-ups to ensure the highest standards of quality and safety are maintained.

Safe To Store Indoors - As a result of our certifications, every hardwood variety offered by Best Burn Firewood is guaranteed to be free from bugs, mold, and tree diseases, such as the Oak Wilt Bug or the EAB (Emerald Ash Borer). This assurance ensures that all our firewood is not only safe for indoor storage but also safe to bring inside your living spaces.

Exclusively Hardwoods - In every size and wood species available for purchase, you can anticipate receiving 100% pure hardwood tailored to your chosen variation. Best Burn Firewood strictly avoids incorporating any softwood fillers in our products. When you order Cherry, you'll receive only Cherry firewood. We strongly advise steering clear of softwoods, as they emit unhealthy creosote, which can be detrimental to your environment.

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Throughout all seasons, Best Burn Firewood stands ready to provide year-round firewood delivery. With our conveniently located firewood for sale, we're poised to become your preferred firewood supplier.

Hardwood , Cherry, Hickory & Oak Firewood - Great for home heating!
Best Burn Firewood specializes in offering premium kiln-dried Chicago firewood. When it comes to our firewood for sale and seamless firewood delivery, we outshine the competition. Order your purchase today.
With the latest advancement in firewood drying equipment, we can generate green firewood, to kiln dried, easy to light firewood in 24 hours!
Best Burn Firewood, quite literally, bakes the moisture & bugs, right out of the wood! Sleep easy knowing you dry firewood safe to store indoors!
Federal USDA Certified cooking firewood, safe to burn in your Chicago restaurant.
Screened, clean firewood prior to each delivery. Only pay for firewood and not unwanted materials.
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