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Our Company

Quality Firewood Starts With Quality Service

Best Burn Firewood, a family-owned firewood company originating from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, was established in 2016 with a central mission: to bring innovation to the local firewood industry. By introducing cutting-edge techniques, that had not been used prior, allowing us to deliver the finest quality firewood for sale. Our commitment to excellence led us to expand our operations into Northern Illinois/Chicago. Our unwavering passion fuels our drive to offer a product that remains unrivaled among other establishments in the industry.


Best Burn Firewood

Chicago kiln-dried firewood - Don't spend precious hours struggling to ignite a fire to save $30 on firewood. Our firewood for sale boasts a moisture content under 15%, a feat unattainable through natural means.
Every piece of our firewood for sale in Illinois comes with an assurance not only of igniting, but of burning 35% hotter than conventional air-dried firewood. Moreover, it's guaranteed to catch fire instantly.
Opt for our kiln-dried firewood, ensuring not only freedom from bugs, mold, and disease but also enabling safe indoor storage.
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Bid farewell to the daily time wastage spent grappling with damp logs, trying to ignite a hissing fire.

Through our kiln-drying process, the excess moisture is extracted from our firewood, ensuring your fires ignite instantly. Don't be enticed by the notion of minimal savings when purchasing from companies peddling freshly split wood. Instead, relish the luxury of an effortlessly kindled, intensely blazing fire. Yes, you read that right – our kiln-dried firewood for sale generates 30-40% more heat than traditional firewood. Delve deeper into the details here.

Best Burn Firewood Understands What Firewood Users need!

Having used a wood-burning stove in our own space, we've intimately experienced the challenges of sourcing consistently dry wood. This very predicament prompted the inception of Best Burn Firewood. Our journey underscores a profound comprehension of the significance that superior-quality Chicago firewood for sale holds for every customer.

Over time, something we picked up from our own firewood purchases, was how annoying it felt to deal with all the extra scrap & debris that came along with the firewood delivery. Our driveway would end up cluttered with dirt, debris, and random useless wood, making us wonder how much wood we actually purchased!

We've come up with a straightforward solution: Instead of simply scooping wood from a pile, which tends to accumulate all sorts of unwanted debris, we've taken the initiative to invest in multiple firewood screeners. These nifty machines efficiently eliminate dirt, debris, and loose bark, ensuring that what you receive is pure firewood. No more dealing with leftover clutter in your driveway, and rest assured, you're getting precisely the amount of firewood you've paid for! Explore our Firewood Pricing here.

At Best Burn Firewood, we're dedicated to putting in the effort so you can kick back and relax!

Best Burn Firewood offers Illinois firewood for sale six days a week! We deliver to Northern Illinois Suburbs & Chicago area residents. Checkout our delivery destinations HERE.

Frequently, the question arises: "Where can I find firewood near me?" The solution is as straightforward as dialing Best Burn Firewood. Our commitment ensures your delight in a cozy winter or any other cherished occasion that warrants the use of premium, immaculate-burning Chicago firewood.


What are customers saying about us?

  • Dawn Olander (2023)

    This IS HANDS DOWN THE BEST WOOD WE HAVE EVER PURCHASED.... I ordered in late July and we have had a whole winter season of Amazing fires..... logs light easy, little paper and burns hot. We got a mix of hardwood and soft. Delivered perfectly..... can't say enough ~ customers for life....

    Charles Clifton (2023)

    I'm a proud repeat customer and the wood quality is top-notch and always lights and burns with NO hissing (indicative of moisture in the wood). The company who services my fireplace and chimney told me the wood I buy is terrific because of how clean in burns and no kreasote build-up. They said keep it up!
  • Kevin Jacobson (2022)

    Best Burn truly is the best. The kiln dried Cherry is fantastic. Great aroma and literally the best burning wood I’ve bought. Pairs fantastic with the Solo Stove Yukon! Delivery and stacking was as professional as it gets. Wouldn’t get fire wood anywhere else in town!

    AMY REICHERT (2023)

    The quality of wood, the ease and reliability of burn, the delivery and the professionalism are unrivaled. We have bought wood from a lot of vendors over the years, but will use Best Burn going forward.
  • Christopher Middlestead (2022)

    We have been repeat customers for 5yrs purchasing mixed hardwoods. By far the best wood & customer service around. We use it for our campfires on our patio also known as the Tiki Pit. The wood burns easily & without any snapping or popping of sparks due to it being kiln dried wood. We highly recommend it to family & friends. Thanks for the great service you provide......

    Gary Colpaert (2023)

    Absolutely brilliant!! Great customer service, great quality. Clean, dry wood ready to burn. I have used others but NONE of them even come close to Best Burn.


Take a look at some of the key components of our business



Unloading pulp logs at our Wisconsin log yard. We only purchase pure hardwoods that are sustainably cut from land clearing, or forest thinning jobs.


Our manufacturing yard operates two natural gas fueled, firewood kilns. This stage in the process ensures the firewood is easy to light, free of dangerous tree diseases and unwanted nasty bugs & mold.


Before each delivery, every single piece of firewood undergoes screening. This process guarantees that no dirt, debris, rocks, or mud find their way into your order. Rest assured, you're not receiving any undesirable material – just top-notch firewood quality!

Firewood Delivery!

Feel free to reach out to us year-round, regardless of whether it's scorching summer or icy winter. We're primed with firewood for sale and readily provide delivery services. Plus, if you desire, we're more than happy to assist with stacking upon request. Our firewood delivery covers Northern Illinois & Chicago, along with the surrounding regions.

Our workplace

Best Burn Firewood is located at 301 W Hintz Rd, OFC007, Wheeling, IL 60090. We have a small wharehouse and office which outbound delivereies are sent from. Please CALL prior to your visit!

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We Offer

Firewood Delivery To The Following Areas

Throughout all seasons, Best Burn Firewood stands ready to provide year-round firewood delivery. With our conveniently located firewood for sale, we're poised to become your preferred firewood supplier.

Hardwood , Cherry, Hickory & Oak Firewood - Great for home heating!
Best Burn Firewood specializes in offering premium kiln-dried Chicago firewood. When it comes to our firewood for sale and seamless firewood delivery, we outshine the competition. Order your purchase today.
With the latest advancement in firewood drying equipment, we can generate green firewood, to kiln dried, easy to light firewood in 24 hours!
Best Burn Firewood, quite literally, bakes the moisture & bugs, right out of the wood! Sleep easy knowing you dry firewood safe to store indoors!
Federal USDA Certified cooking firewood, safe to burn in your Chicago restaurant.
Screened, clean firewood prior to each delivery. Only pay for firewood and not unwanted materials.
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