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Firewood Info - What Type of Firewood?

Mixed Hardwoods Firewood

Mixed hardwoods blend a variety of high-quality hardwoods such as Ash, Maple, Locust, Elm, Walnut, and more. This versatile choice is a top favorite among customers and a specialty at Best Burn Firewood. It delivers exceptional heat efficiency at an affordable price. Ideal for campfires, recreational fires, and as a primary choice for homeowners with indoor fireplaces seeking to heat their homes efficiently.
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Oak Firewood

Oak firewood stands as the preferred selection for heat aficionados seeking top-tier performance. Renowned for its remarkable density and exceptional heat output, kiln dried oak firewood represents the epitome of premium firewood. Across the country, it boasts an unrivaled reputation and remains one of our most sought-after firewood for sale.
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Black Locust Firewood

Black locust, an exceptional hardwood, defies expectations by growing at a rapid pace while maintaining the quality of producing robust, dense, and high output heat. This distinctive characteristic sets it apart as an excellent choice for those seeking an extremely hot and enduring fire. While not as widely recognized as oak, maple, ash, and other hardwoods, black locust firewood remains a hidden gem in the world of wood heating.
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Cherry Firewood

Cherry firewood stands as a pinnacle among premium hardwoods, distinguishing itself through its versatility in culinary applications. The remarkable feature of cherry wood is its capacity to impart exceptional flavors to various dishes, and its desirability extends to indoor burning as well. When used for heating, it enchants with its enchanting blue flames, minimal smoke, and a delightful fragrance that permeates your home. While it may not be the hottest option, cherry excels in every other aspect, making it a versatile choice for multiple uses.
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Hickory Firewood

Hickory firewood, the reigning king of hardwoods. It's often heralded as the ultimate performer among hardwood choices. Much like cherry, hickory firewood enjoys a prominent role in cooking, from smoking meats to preparing a wide array of dishes. However, what truly sets hickory apart is its extraordinary heat output and extended burn duration across all applications. While it may be somewhat scarce, the satisfaction that comes with burning kiln-dried hickory firewood is comparable to none.
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Firewood Delivery To The Following Areas

Throughout all seasons, Best Burn Firewood stands ready to provide year-round firewood delivery. With our conveniently located firewood for sale, we're poised to become your preferred firewood supplier.

Hardwood , Cherry, Hickory & Oak Firewood - Great for home heating!
Best Burn Firewood specializes in offering premium kiln-dried Chicago firewood. When it comes to our firewood for sale and seamless firewood delivery, we outshine the competition. Order your purchase today.
With the latest advancement in firewood drying equipment, we can generate green firewood, to kiln dried, easy to light firewood in 24 hours!
Best Burn Firewood, quite literally, bakes the moisture & bugs, right out of the wood! Sleep easy knowing you dry firewood safe to store indoors!
Federal USDA Certified cooking firewood, safe to burn in your Chicago restaurant.
Screened, clean firewood prior to each delivery. Only pay for firewood and not unwanted materials.
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