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Who We Are

Established in 2016 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Best Burn Firewood was founded by brothers Tyler & Brady. Growing up relying on a wood-burning furnace for our family's primary heat, firewood became an essential part of our lives. We spent our early years diligently sourcing, splitting, and stacking firewood to prepare for winter.

Over time we noticed a lack of passion in the firewood market. The artistry of well-cut pieces, wood that easily ignites, and the captivating glow of embers on a chilly night seemed overlooked by producers. This observation inspired the creation of Best Burn Firewood. Our goal was straightforward: to address this gap in the market by offering superior-quality firewood products. We recognized the disparity in firewood quality and aimed to provide a top-notch alternative.

We put in the effort so you can enjoy a cozy winter or any special occasion that calls for a warm fire!

At Best Burn Firewood, we are dedicated to providing sustainably harvested firewood of unmatched quality. Through our expertise and commitment, we ensure our customers experience the true essence of firewood—a source of warmth, solace, and cherished memories. Come join us in rediscovering the enchantment of a fire; let Best Burn Firewood brighten your nights and bring warmth to your spaces.

Wisconsin Firewood for Sale

Same-Day Delivery!

Based on our personal experience of buying firewood over the past decade, we were dismayed by the excessive debris and junk that accompanied each delivery. The amount of dirt, debris, and low-quality wood left in our driveway made us question the actual quantity of usable wood we were receiving. Our solution is straightforward: instead of simply scooping from a pile that includes all the unwanted material, we go the extra mile by screening every single delivery into the truck. This meticulous process ensures that you won't find any dirt or debris left in your driveway, guaranteeing that you receive the precise amount of high-quality wood you ordered!
Throughout all year, Best Burn Firewood stands ready to provide and serve you with year-round firewood delivery. With our conveniently located firewood for sale, we're ready to become your first choice firewood supplier.
We have 100% kiln dried Illinois Firewood for Sale.
Kiln Dried - Hardwoods - USDA Certified - Safe for Indoors

We Offer

Firewood Delivery To The Following Areas

Throughout all seasons, Best Burn Firewood stands ready to provide year-round firewood delivery. With our conveniently located firewood for sale, we're poised to become your preferred firewood supplier.

Hardwood , Cherry, Hickory & Oak Firewood - Great for home heating!
Best Burn Firewood specializes in offering premium kiln-dried Chicago firewood. When it comes to our firewood for sale and seamless firewood delivery, we outshine the competition. Order your purchase today.
With the latest advancement in firewood drying equipment, we can generate green firewood, to kiln dried, easy to light firewood in 24 hours!
Best Burn Firewood, quite literally, bakes the moisture & bugs, right out of the wood! Sleep easy knowing you dry firewood safe to store indoors!
Federal USDA Certified cooking firewood, safe to burn in your Chicago restaurant.
Screened, clean firewood prior to each delivery. Only pay for firewood and not unwanted materials.
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